• Thu. May 13th, 2021

Beauty Even In the Afterlife 

ByTahlia Mills

Dec 6, 2017

Beauty does not last forever, but as we lose our loved ones and despite the heartbreak, we still want something beautiful to represent them. Their unique headstone gives them an opportunity to tell their own unique and special story. A story that will be forever engraved in stone and somehow gives an idea of them being eternally remembered.

Some people prefer cremation and some people prefer burial so they have a place they can go to visit their dearly departed. A place where they can leave beautiful flowers and love letters. A place to feel like they are still close to the people they once cared about. Most of the time, it may depend on religion and traditions and they all have different ways of dealing with this sensitive matter.


Chinese people usually like a classic Chinese headstone with Chinese characters made of Red Granite as red color is considered lucky. Christians usually prefer the holy cross and angels as they represent purity and heaven. An engraved ship in waves for a sailor who died at sea or ballet shoes for a ballerina and her love of dancing. Baby angels for young souls that left too soon.

Burial sites can be as elaborate as a castle with large podiums or as simple as a plain headstone with the words “Rest In Peace”. It really depends on how they (people who are left behind) see ‘beautiful’ and how it represents the people they have lost. It somehow brings them some comfort to know that their loved one is resting in such a beautiful place in eternity.

Many include beautiful quotes or sayings on the headstone such as:

“Heaven, the treasury of everlasting joy.” (Shakespeare)

“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light. I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” (From “The Old Astronomer” by Sarah Williams)

Some are engraved with short words such as “Remembered with love”, “Great love lives on” or “Into the sunshine”.

Prices can vary depending on the sizes, stones and designs. Some headstone makers provide ready-made headstones and some are customized. Most people prefer a headstone that is specifically designed for them as they are able to really convey how they want the final resting place of their loved ones to look like.

Some people actually design their own headstones before they die. This gives them control of how they want to have their final home to look. No one knows you better than yourself. You get to decide what you see as beautiful. You get the real “final” say of the end of your journey in life. You might find a smooth square headstone with triple lines on each side beautiful, or you would rather have a raised headstone with large guitars at the top to represent your love for music. It is all up to you. Contact Beta Memorial Stonemasons for more information on this.

Even in death, beauty lives on.