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Checklist For an Awesome Party 

ByTahlia Mills

Mar 26, 2018

What makes an awesome party? Awesome or not, it all depends on the opinions of the people who attend the party. To make sure everyone invited gets to enjoy their time, there are a few things that have to be considered before planning that awesome party. 

  • First of all, decide what the party is for. Is it for a birthday? A hen’s/buck’s night? A baby shower for an expecting mom? After knowing what kind of party will be held, it will be a lot easier to plan the rest.  
  • It is now time to decide how big the party will be. Too many or too little people invitees will actually make a lot of difference to the atmosphere of the party. Will it be a party of just close friends and family or will anyone in the mood to party is welcome?  
  • Venue. After knowing who and how many people will be invited to the party, it is time to decide where it will be held at. At home? In a park or at a hotel?  
  • Food and drinks. What kind of food and drink will be available at the party? Will alcohol or mocktail be served? Finger food or maybe a caterer will be more appropriate? Some parties actually let their guests bring their own food and drink.  dj
  • Music. Music is important in creating the atmosphere of the party. Some parties need soft jazz music and some would rather have hip hop. It is not hard to find good jazz players or the best dj hire locally.  
  • Gimmicks. To make the party little more unique and enjoyable, consider having a gimmick. It could be in a form of other entertainment such as clowns, real time portrait painters or try photo booth hire for the attendees to snap a few shots so they can catch those light hearted and whimsical moments that will bring a smile to your face for many years to come. 
  • Games and prizes. What’s more fun than letting everyone at the party participate in games and receive prizes to bring home? Games such as raffles, Bingo or lucky draw are just to name a few. To make the games more unique, “Pin the tail”, break the pinata or Charades will increase the fun atmosphere and get everyone moving and excited. 
  • Keep the memory. Other than having photos of the party, what better way of bringing the memory home than having a videographer shoot the whole thing? Most videographer services will provide editing together with the package.  
  • Souvenirs. Some parties, specially weddings, like to give out souvenirs to their guests. If it is within the budget, why not go all the way and order custom made souvenirs that will remind the guests for a very long time? 


A party should be fun, planning it should be fun too. While the main idea is to celebrate and hold an awesome party, don’t forget to have an awesome time while planning it too!