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How to Choose a Reliable Bore Pump

ByTahlia Mills

Nov 30, 2017

Do you want to empty your water heater for maintenance or repair purposes? Has your swimming pool cover begun to sag under the weight of an oversized puddle? Or do you want to do a storm cleanup? These unwieldy watery tasks need to be handled by a transfer pump and get the job done effectively with minimal mess. A transfer pump, or utility pump, moves water from one place to another. So, you could easily transfer the water from your swimming pool to a storage container or to your garden or lawn.

Or perhaps, you need more than a simple transfer pump usable at home and are thinking of a pump that could control water and liquid supply in your farming, deep well, mining, rain water reticulation and petroleum capture applications. This would be a borehole pump or bore pump.

bore-pumpBefore choosing what type of pump you will buy, you have to know what would you need it for. The pumping power of any given model is influenced by two key measurements—the horsepower generated by its motor and the amount of water the pump can move. You generally need to pay more for more power. You should never buy a pump solely on a price or brand.

Even though at the end of the day the price is still an important factor as you should at least be able to afford it, there are other things to consider before making a purchase.

What criteria should be borne in mind when selecting a reliable bore pump?

  1. Can be used for several applications The Davey branded bore pump, for example, can be used for water supply; water transfer; hosing down of dairies, factory floors, etc; tank filling; sprinkler supply; and garden reticulation.
  2. Needs minimal maintenance on above-ground components.
  3. Capacity. This would depend on how much water you need per day. For example, if you require 12,000 litres per day, you would need a bore capable of pumping 2,000 litres per hour, with the pump running 6 hours per day. For the above-mentioned applications, the Davey branded bore pump has been designed for total heads up to 32 m and flows to 315 lpm.
  4. With an automatic ‘start’ and ‘stop’ capability
  5. Offers long-term protection against vermin, dust and water
  6. Made from corrosion-resistant quality materials
  7. Built for long life
  8. Super quiet when operating
  9. With strong inlet and outlet ports
  10. Quick and easy to install
  11. Easy to service.

If you are still not sure which type of pump is the perfect one for your need, you can always consult with well trained staffs at your local store. Inform them exactly why you need the pump for and they will recommend the best type and price for your budget. Do not forget to ask if the brand recommended also comes with a warranty and after sales service. It is best to have an expert just a phone call away in case something goes wrong or if you have any other question after you have made a purchase.