• Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

An All-Terrain Vehicle, sometimes known as a quad or a four-wheeler, is an investment you will want to be looking after like any other expensive purchase. One of the most important considerations you need to take into account is how you transport it. Clearly you will be using your ATV in specific locations so unless you are living on a farm and it’s your main form of transport around your nearby area you will need to get it to and from the places you want to drive it. If you don’t go about this properly you could end up damaging it or worse causing accidents which could affect other people. As well as this you need to be storing your vehicle properly whilst it is not in use. Here are a few pointers of what good practice you need to be fulfilling to look after your ATV.


You should aim to keep your vehicle stored in an enclosed space whenever possible. If this is not feasible you can still use some sort of cover over it such as tarpaulin which then needs to be secured down properly. The importance of this increases even further if you live somewhere which experiences cold temperatures. Whenever your vehicle is in storage you should still make the time to start up the engine periodically. Ideally you should be doing this every week whenever possible.

Regular Maintenance

Whether the ATV is in use or not you should give it the due care and attention it needs by performing regular maintenance on it. The things you need to be checking are the water and oil levels, tyre pressures, timing belt is in good condition and that the air filters are clean and unclogged. All of these things will only take a few minutes and if you are doing this regularly the action which you need to take to sort the issues will come one at a time and therefore be swift to resolve.


Transportation of your ATV is something you need to take very seriously. As stated before if you do not you can run the risk of either damaging it or causing an accident. Firstly you need to make sure that the vehicle you will be using to tow it is appropriate to the job. Secondly you need to have the proper trailer. You will also need quality loading ramps for this trailer to safely get your ATV up onto it. So long as you have all of these things alongside a means to tie the load down then you can safely transport it. When getting up onto the ramp make sure the loading ramps are secured properly and are set at the right width for the tyres. Use straps to secure the load down so that it won’t move during transportation. If the load shifts about as you are towing it the ATV could fall off or cause you to crash as the weight gets transferred mid journey.