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Traditional Home Security

ByTahlia Mills

May 4, 2018


There have been some great technical advances in home security in recent times. Homeowners today really have all the tool they need to make sure they don’t fall prey to those who wish us harm. The hi-tech security industry offers many gadgets and sensors and alarms which provide added protection to any home, However, hot everyone wants or needs such high levels of security, and some homeowners find it a financial burden to purchase, install, and maintain such sophisticated equipment. In this case there are alternatives. Many traditional forms of home security are overlooked in the modern age, and homeowners sometimes forget that cheaper, practical forms of protection are still available.


Let’s look at a few of them:


mortice locksMortice Locks – If a home has a vulnerable door it may be a good idea to fit extra locks. A mortice lock can be installed relatively easily by most tradesmen, and many homeowners are capable of doing the job themselves. This lock will considerably strengthen a door and isn’t an expensive option.


Tinted Glass – Many thieves will only attempt  to break into a property if they think there are valuables inside. One option to prevent nosy passersby getting a look in your home is to have tinted windows throughout the property. This is a relatively cheap product to have installed, and there are several companies throughout Australia who specialise in this type of work.

Another added benefit to tinted windows is there rability to prevent glare into a home. No one can see inside but a homeowner will have great views of the surrounding area.


No Entry Signs – Opportunist thieves will often construct a reason to be on a property. Maybe they pretend to be in the area offering a service to homeowners, or possibly they will make false statements about looking for an acquaintance at a particular address. Don’t give a would-be thief any reason to be on your property. Make it very clear from the moment someone enters your grounds that there can be no trespassing and that no one without a prior appointment is welcome. Also it’s work placing signs on any entry gate to deter cold callers, This is a typical ruse of someone who wants a closer look at your home. Make it clear through signage that you do not accept unexpected callers.


door screenDoor and Window Screens– Strong and hard wearing door screens are easily installed to give added protection to a home’s entry points. This has a few other benefits too: would-be thieves will be reluctant to approach a property if they can already see there is added protection. It is enough of a deterrent to dissuade may criminals, most of whom are simply opportunist thieves.

Also, there is the added benefit of keeping other unwanted visitors out of your home: bug and mosquitos may not cause as much damage as human intruders but they can be seriously irritating. Having all windows and doors sealed with bug-proof mesh is a great idea, certainly in Australian anyway. Down Under Security Screens in Brisbane are capable of fitting screens to att types of home.