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When a Skip Bin may be a Good Idea

ByTahlia Mills

Apr 11, 2018
home interior

If you’ve ever tried to re-decorate a home you’ll be aware of just home much waste is produced. And if you’ve ever tried to get rid of that waste in a conventional wheelie bin you’ll know just how long it takes to get rid of the stuff. There are many jobs in and around the home which can leave you with a huge amount of trash. Sometimes it’s more of a job getting rid of the waste than the actual job itself. It’s at times like these that we could all use a little extra help. That help can come in the form of a skip bin. You may need to hire a skip bin for a multitude of reasons, and if any of the following jobs  seem likely to occur at your property maybe you should consider the benefits of one:

home interior


Home Extension – Construction work is rarely a clear-cut affair. Conservatories, orangeries, patios, archways and new doors frames will create a lot of debris. A skip bin can prevent a lot of dangerous and unsightly materials from littering your home and garden. A bit of good housekeeping at the end of a day’s work will ensure that everything is kept in a ship-shape condition. The last thing you want is rubble, wood shavings, nails and screws lying around, especially if there are children and pets in the property.


Garden Excavations – If you are slabbing a garden area, or installing decking, the best solution for the waste is a skip bin. The amount of debris created in jobs like there will soon add up and much local authority refuses collectors will not be willing to collect excavated garden waste. Also, if there is a lot of tree limbs and tree trunks, weight and awkwardness may prevent them from being easily transported. An appropriately sized skip near the work site will save a lot of time and effort.


old furnitureOld Furniture – If you are considering new furniture a skip is a must. Maybe some older items can be salvaged or used by charities, but if your old sofa and beds are to be thrown out it is not practical to have a local authority collect. Also, items like old carpets can take up a lot of space and most refuse collectors will refuse to take such burdensome objects.


One of the great benefits of hiring a skip bin is that it can be placed in a convenient location for easy access. There may be a restriction on siting a skip in a back garden or directly outside a property’s entrance, but usually, a prime location can be found. It is a good idea for anyone considering hiring a skip bin to evaluate the possible area in advance. Public walkways cannot be obstructed and local residents must not be inconvenienced by its presence. This includes blocking views from homes and blocking driveways or parking spaces.